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Applying theological concepts to real-life situations, whether in the workplace or in a business setting, can be difficult. Things can be vague, unclear, and confusing. As a venture capitalist, I specialize in providing guidance to business owners who want to further God's flourishing through the products and services they offer to the world. If you are a business owner or a startup founder seeking guidance to grow your business for the purpose of bringing God's shalom to the world, I am happy to help.

Areas of Focus for Business Consulting



The most important question every company needs to answer is why it exists. This "why" serves as the company's compass and sets the direction for its operations and growth. I can help you discover your company's "why" in alignment with God's purpose for business, as revealed in Genesis. My goal is to assist you in articulating the purpose of your business clearly, which will give you focus for operations and growth.



For a company to move in the right direction, it needs effective strategies. Good strategies help determine the necessary actions to take and key relationships to cultivate to introduce products to the market, increase market share, and bring flourishing to the world. Whether you are in the product development or commercial stage, I can help you develop and execute marketing strategies that will move you in the right direction.


Capital Raising

Every business needs capital and investment to launch and grow. If you are struggling to communicate your vision to potential investors and are not sure where to begin, I can help you organize your ideas, so that you can pivot your ideas and present them more effectively. Also, I can explore creative ways for your business to raise grants, finances, and working capitals, so that you have the necessary resources to bring your idea to fruition for God's creation.



Once the direction of the company is established, effective communication of the vision becomes crucial to influence stakeholders, employees, customers, and suppliers to move in the desired direction. In other words, leadership plays a critical role in the growth of the company. I can help you identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth as a servant leader, so that you can empower the entire team for the success of your company.



As you build your company, you will face many distractions that can pull you away from the core of your business. It's easy to lose focus of your "why" and the direction of your company. That's why it's important to have structures, systems, and controls in place to ensure that your company stays true to its identity and core values. I can help you stay disciplined in your mission by assisting you in identifying areas of improvement in your internal controls.



Just as we occasionally go to the hospital to check our health, it is important to monitor the health of your business to ensure it is heading in the right direction. This involves monitoring the company's data to measure its health, whether it is financial or non-financial. I can help you design KPIs to ensure your company is growing healthily and moving in the right direction, so that your company can create value and bring flourishing to the world.

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