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Thank you for visiting my teaching page.  I invite you to take a six-week course on "Reframing our Work with the Gospel Story." 

Please see below for course outline and information.


Week 1

Introduction: Is your work holy?

We often categorize our work into two groups: secular and sacred. We label work done in churches as holy and sacred, and work done outside of God's churches (such as in politics or business) as secular and unholy. But is this understanding accurate? In this session, we will explore why we view our work as either sacred or secular and why this division exists in our minds.

Discussion Questions

  • What do you consider to be holy work?

  • What distinguishes certain types of work as holy while others are not?

  • How have cultural, religious, or spiritual factors influenced your perception of the division between the sacred and secular?

Week 2

Creation: What is God's purpose for our work?

What does the creation story of the Gospel tell us about the original purpose of our work? According to Genesis 1, we are created in God's image. What does it mean to work as God's image bearers in this world? This session aims to explore God's original purpose for our work. We will discover what it means to work as God’s image-bearers in the world that God has created for His own glory.

Discussion Questions

  • Based on the creation story, what do you believe is the purpose of your work in the world?

  • How are you blessing and bringing shalom to world through your work?

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Week 3

Fall: What went wrong with our work?

In this session, we will explore the reasons behind the prevalence of evil in our workplaces. Often, workplaces are plagued with injustice, disorder, chaos, and toxic culture, making work frustrating and harmful to God's creation. We will investigate why this is the case and how our work in the world has become increasingly damaging.

Discussion Questions: 

  • In which area of your work do you see the effects of fall?

  • Do you agree with Professor Paul Stevens that our work can be a great place for spiritual disciplines? If so, how can we engage our work as spiritual disciplines?

Week 4

Redemption: Is there healing for our work?

In the third story of the Gospel, Redemption, God enters our world to save us from our sins. How can this redemptive work of God also redeem our work? In this session, we will explore how the Gospel powerfully transforms our identity in Christ, empowering us to work as God intended in the creation part of the Gospel once again.

Discussion Questions:

  • How does our work restore our relationship with God and our view of work?

  • How can we embody the message of the Gospel in our work?

  • If you are a business owner, how can you embody the Gospel in the way you run your business?

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Week 5

Consummation: Is there hope for our work?

The Gospel story culminates in consummation, when God returns to complete the kingdom project initiated in the redemption part of the Gospel. In our world, despite working with an identity of redemption, we still encounter setbacks and frustrations. How can we persevere in the good work God has called us to, without giving up? This session will explore how to maintain hope and continue working even on the most difficult days.

Discussion Questions:

  • How can we maintain hope when we have bad days at work?

  • How does the story of redemption give us an eternal perspective for our work?

Week 6

Conclusion: How should we engage our work in the world?

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Now that God has initiated the work of redemption and is working to complete the story of redemption through us, how should we engage with the world? What should be our posture towards a world where we often face hostility towards our beliefs? In this session, we will examine the stories of Daniel and Joseph to learn how we should engage with the world through our work, as we participate in God's redemption project for the renewal of His world.

Discussion Questions:

  • What are some postures that Christians have toward the world?

  • How should we engage with the world as Christians? What does the story of Daniel teach us about our identity as God's ambassadors?


Who is the course for?

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to find meaning and purpose in their work beyond just earning a paycheck to pay the bills. Participants will discover that God's purpose for their work goes far beyond what they may think. They will learn how their work can be connected to God's work of creating and sustaining our world. Additionally, participants will see that their work is part of the big story of the Gospel, through which God is redeeming the whole world.

What is the course outcome?

The goal of this course is to provide each participant with a theological framework for understanding their work in light of the Gospel story. Moreover, the course will provide participants with spiritual practices to enhance their experience of God's presence and empower them with practical tools to serve as ambassadors of God in the world.

How long is the course? 

The course includes six topics, with each topic being covered in a weekly session. Each session consists of a 30-minute lecture, followed by a discussion and question time. Participants will then receive light homework to help them apply the course concepts to their real work settings.

"I started a new business and wanted to ensure that I was following God's plan. I reached out to Paul to have a casual conversation about it, which led us to discuss our work and lives. Paul shared with me about an online class he had prepared. Over the last four weeks, I've learned about how God created a world with work, why work has been distorted, how we can redeem our work, and how we can work with hope. Although the ideas were complicated, Paul was able to explain them to me exceptionally well. Learning how God wants me to work has transformed my thoughts about work. I highly recommend Paul and this class if you want to understand why you need to work. I feel blessed to know him and am glad to have him on my side. Thank you, Paul!”


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