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Thank you for considering me as a speaker for your organization.

Whether it's preaching, teaching, or a seminar, I can tailor my speaking engagement according to your organization's needs.

Below are some sample topics that may be of interest for my speaking.

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How does my work relate to God's work?

Many people wonder how their daily work, whether it is farming, accounting, parenting, cleaning, or something else, relates to God's work. Through this seminar, I will guide your audience on a journey to see their work in the framework of the whole story of the Bible and how their work fits into God's big story of the Gospel.


How can I find my calling in my work?

In a constantly changing and complex world, it is no longer common for people to believe that they are called to do one job forever. So, how do we know what is the dream job that God has called us to? Is our vocation just a career, or is it something more? This seminar will help participants see their vocation in light of God's callings.

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What is God's purpose for work?

When faced with long working hours, it is easy to lose sight of the big purpose and perspective for our work. That's when we need to be reminded of God's purpose for our work. Through this seminar, participants will engage in activities that will help them find God's purpose for their work.


Will my work last into heaven?

Many Christians believe that what happens on Earth doesn't matter, and that only spiritual and heavenly matters are important. But is this true? Will our work matter in God's kingdom? This seminar will help participants see their work in light of God's redemptive plan, giving them an eternal perspective on their earthly work.

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What You Can Expect!



As a lifelong student of God's word, I ensure that my speaking materials are rooted in Scripture by engaging in sound exegesis and hermeneutics. In addition, I cross-check my speaking materials for theological accuracy and receive feedback from other pastors and theologians and incorporate them into teaching materials.



As a designated CPA, I am committed to providing the highest level of quality service. I am dedicated to being prompt and punctual in my attention to detail, ensuring that your needs are met with the utmost care and attention.



I am aware of the danger of falling into an ivory tower, a metaphorical place where theologians are cut off from the rest of the world.

Theology is meaningless if it's not put into practice. That's why I make sure all of my speaking materials are relevant and practical to people's real-life situations, helping them live out God's words in their real lives context.



To ensure that my speaking topics are engaging to listeners, I build genuine connections with them through dialogue and active listening. I also make my presentations relevant to real-life situations so that people can relate to the speaking topics I share.

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